Bernie-2016 | 032 - Our Brighter Future

’Bernie is a Girls Best Friend’ by Bard for Bernie Sanders, Gaining Delegates in Nevada, Fact-Checking the Oil Funds, Brighter Future Under Sanders, Record Breaking March Fundraising, Bernie’s Policies Win, Transgender Introductions, Oliver Stone, My Wisconsin Family, Robert Reich, Marginalizing Bernie, Bernie’s Economic Impact, ‘I still Believe’ by Delfina.

Bernie-2016 | 028 - Where's Bernie? Right Behind You!

’Real Change - Bernie is the one for me’ by Nick Seeger and John Gurney, United in the Defense of the Water, 17 Year Old Voters Win, Auto Bailout Smear, Close Illinois Polls, Close Missouri Polls, Close Ohio Polls, Cash Prize for Drugs, Where Was Bernie in 93 (hint: he was right behind you, fighting for universal health care!), 2007 Immigration Reform Bill, 16 Negative Stories in 16 Hours, Honduran Women, Making Zelaya “Moot,” Dearborn, The Arab American News Endorsement, $400 Billion Corporate Welfare, and “The Bern” by bertdabard

Bernie-2016 | 024 - Policies, Both Foreign and Domestic

’I Can Feel the Bern’ by Scott B Adams, National Polls, Even in Nevada, Growing in South Carolina, Leading in Massachusetts, Kissinger is Not My Friend, Serious on Foreign Policy, Money Influence, MI Nurses Association, Crime Bill, Violence Against Women Act, Medicare For All Numbers, Bernie Has Already Won, ‘I feel the Bern’ by James Tuttle.

Bernie-2016 | 021 - Twenty Million Bottles of Water per Day Can't Save the Children of Flint

Revolution by Sandy and Richard Riccardi, Bernie Supporters, State Fair Poll, Iowa Youth Caucus, Contender Card Caucus, Coffee Bean Caucus, Climate Emergency Caucus, Michael Moore Endorsement, Caucus For Bernie, More Debates, Consumer Savings, Flint Water Crisis - American Terrorism, Buisnessmen for Bernie, Marriage Equality, Feel the Bern by Tim Hunter

Bernie-2016 | 020 - Bernie Sanders Can Win

The Revolution Starts Now - Steve Earle, Commodity Futures Modernization Act Truth, Leading in Iowa, Gaining Nationally, Maine Support, Phonebank Power, Commanding Lead in NH, Political Revolution, Medicare for All Plan, Single Payer Saves us Money, Economic Vision, Council 28 AFSCME Endorsement, The Nation Endorsement, Paying for the Plans, Bernie Sanders Can Win - Gary Johnson