Flipboard 2.0 - Pro and Con

Pop-up text tweet view.

Flipboard 2.0 has been released for iOS

Flipboard has always been my favorite way to follow twitter and read news.

The most significant new function in 2.0 is Magazine creation. Magazines are public collections of your favorite item or stories. These can be set to private if desired.

Magazines works easily, just select the plus button which appears on all displayed items, choose your magazine destination, and save.

Flipboard 2.0 - UI changes.

There is a now a warning before Flipboard opens up a link in another app such as App store or iTunes. This excellent update lets you stop the process and remain in the Flipboard app instead of having to close out of the opened app and reopen Flipboard.

Text only tweets are now truncated in the regular view and they do not show up at all in the full page view. This is a very frustrating change to the previous user interface. I am no longer able to page through my Twitter stream in full page view, which a my favorite method of reading tweets. Additionally, text only tweets now open in a pop up window which has to be dismissed in order to move on to the next tweet.

Videos start playing automatically when viewing full page stories in Flipboard 2.0. I would prefer to play only the videos I choose rather than having them auto play for me.

While I will continue to use Flipboard for now, if previous functionality does not return, I will be looking for a new way to follow twitter.