Chris O'Dowd & MCAC present 'SkyBalls' | Indiegogo


Combating ignorance of testicular cancer from the skies
( building & flying the world’s largest pair of bollocks).

Hey Indiegogo... 

Here’s FIVE REASONS why the world needs a hot air balloon shaped like a gigantic testicles right now:

1. The death of young men to testicular cancer can be prevented. 

2. Ignorance & embarrassment are just two reasons this cancer causes any more trouble than it needs to. The way we can stop this is through awareness & confrontation.

3. A massive flying ballsack will be impossible to ignore. And hopefully chip away at the taboos still surrounding this nasty little cancer. 

4. Our balloon will also have a lifespan & a cost efficiency that will outperform any other media initiative: It is reusable, easily transported globally and should last us at least 10 years.

5. It’s a massive pair of flying gonads!