Two Actual Everyday Americans Walk Into A Hillary Clinton Event…

HAMPTON, N.H. — When they heard Hillary Clinton would be here on Friday in Hampton — a small coastal town just south of the Maine border — Lenore and Gary Patton contacted the campaign. They wanted to lend a hand as volunteers.

They got in, but had trouble getting out.


I am not sure about the early strategy of Hillary's campaign. According to the article: 

"The roundtable in Hampton was Clinton’s largest yet. About 60 people came — including the Pattons, who described themselves as local activists who “fervently supported” Barack Obama in 2008 and now “fervently support” Clinton. The rest of the group was a mix: some invited by the campaign, some invited by the brewery, and others who’d simply asked to come. According to a Clinton aide, the campaign was able to accommodate nearly every request to attend that they received." 


If 60 people were present and 'nearly every request to attend' was accommodated, sounds like a serious lack of interest in NH at this point.