UP 22 - Shark Truck, With Death BY Chocolate

Unrelatedthings Episode 22 - The Victims, GMOs, Shark Truck, Walter Blanco, Meter Feeders, Eastern Cougar Extinct, Vibrator Bomb, Fossil Fuel Phaseout, Get Off My Lawn, Money Board, Edible Cups, Accidental Criminals, Child Poverty, Death By Chocolate, Pesticides, KY Mountain Lion, Democracy Day, Pranking The Nazis, Dry Town, Books-Not Bombs, 2, 4-D, Aggressive Mopping, Blind Inequality, One Armed Pilot, Wanksy, Mango-Mail, and the Wolverine Run.

UP 19 - Hot Doughnuts, With the Happiest Man in the World

Unrelatedthings Episode 19 - With Ed Hamell, Wages, Environmentalists, Carter on Hamas, Snake Driver, Alone in NY, Melted Road, Road Mash, Quiet Crickets, ATM Hackers, Train Poopers, Wrong Underwear, Map Tattoo, $7600 Late Fee, Doughnut Thief, Vagina Trap, Grass Ear, and Crystal Metheny.

UP 17 - Pledging Allegiance, With the $40,000 Couch

Unrelatedthings Episode 17 - With Lion’s Den,Claw Machine, Astroturf, Alamo Pee, Who Moved My Car?, Methane, Environmental Activist Killings, OK Earthquakes, TV Mugging, Duck Burglar, Bear Burglar, Fast Charging, Food Poisoning, Colony Collapse, Peanut Butter, French Fries, Pledge of Allegiance, Golden Poop, 40K Couch, Mystery Illness, and Mall Evacuation.

UP - 16 Fracking Earthquakes, With Graffiti Whale

Unrelatedthings Episode 16 - With Crowdsourcing, A Lady Must Live, The Therapy Show, Vegetarian Meatballs, Comixology, Torture, Net Neutrality, Graffiti Whale, Huawei Hack, FireChat, Fracking Earthquakes, One World Trade Security, Playstation Programming, Bt Resistance, Spooning Restrictions, Metadata, Dollar Scope, iBeacon, Milk Bath, Waze Hack Demo, Fisheries Waste, Pollution Deaths, School Bullies, Amazon Prime, Insurance Spike, Toe-Sucker, and Mr. Poo.

UP 12 - Douchebags, With Baby Blocking Bacon

PS3, Papo & Yo, Vera Bradley Suspension, Amy Berg, Caper, 5s outsells 5c, POS is POS, NJ Mall Shooting, Touch ID, 9 Year Old Boss, Jaime Paglia, Flynt Opposes death Penalty, Baby Blocking Bacon, US Banks are Fine(d), Walnut Theft, Protesting the Walkman?, Rolling Jubilee, Bernie Sanders in Playboy, Did He Say Gyllenhall, Broken Ocean, Drones, Douchebags, Nightmare Bacteria

UP 7 - Extirpated Rhinos, With Less Legroom

Unrelatedthings Episode 7 - With Consumerist, Lewd Pepperoni, That’s My Stolen Car, $45m Withdrawal, Extirpated Rhinoceros, Less Legroom, CW on Apple TV, Military iPhones, Warehouse 13 ‘renewal’, Apple Privacy Score, T-Mobile iPhone Sales, $610,000 Cup of Coffee, Amplified, Jim Dalrymple, @tmorello, Friday Night Lights Kickstarter.

UP 6 - Mr. Balls, With Colin Ferguson's New Gig

Unrelatedthings Episode 6 - With Genius Scan, Roman Numerals III, Firebowl, Crafty Shoplifting, Formerly Dead Man Wins Lottery, We Will Vaccinate Zero Children, Charles Ramsey for President, Deadliest Month in 5 Years in Iraq, Copyright Free, Woody’s New Home, Colin’s New Gig, Coulton Kickstarter, and DroneShield.

UP 5 - Diamondoscopy, With The Evilist App Ever

Unrelatedthings Episode 5 - With Walking Dead, No XBox For You, Diamondoscopy, Dude Stole My Pizzacar, Tiger in the Bathroom, Factory Collapse, No Recovery for You, Break So Bad, $600,000 Coffee, No More iPhone, Apple Sells Out (WWDC), iTunes B’Day, Tech News Today, Evilist App Ever, I’m a Font of Knowledge, Kickstarter B’Day.