UP 7 - Extirpated Rhinos, With Less Legroom

Unrelatedthings Episode 7 - With Consumerist, Lewd Pepperoni, That’s My Stolen Car, $45m Withdrawal, Extirpated Rhinoceros, Less Legroom, CW on Apple TV, Military iPhones, Warehouse 13 ‘renewal’, Apple Privacy Score, T-Mobile iPhone Sales, $610,000 Cup of Coffee, Amplified, Jim Dalrymple, @tmorello, Friday Night Lights Kickstarter.

UP 6 - Mr. Balls, With Colin Ferguson's New Gig

Unrelatedthings Episode 6 - With Genius Scan, Roman Numerals III, Firebowl, Crafty Shoplifting, Formerly Dead Man Wins Lottery, We Will Vaccinate Zero Children, Charles Ramsey for President, Deadliest Month in 5 Years in Iraq, Copyright Free, Woody’s New Home, Colin’s New Gig, Coulton Kickstarter, and DroneShield.

UP 5 - Diamondoscopy, With The Evilist App Ever

Unrelatedthings Episode 5 - With Walking Dead, No XBox For You, Diamondoscopy, Dude Stole My Pizzacar, Tiger in the Bathroom, Factory Collapse, No Recovery for You, Break So Bad, $600,000 Coffee, No More iPhone, Apple Sells Out (WWDC), iTunes B’Day, Tech News Today, Evilist App Ever, I’m a Font of Knowledge, Kickstarter B’Day.

UP 3 - Samurai Jack, With the Chopsticks Pickpocket

Unrelatedthings Episode 3 - With a moment of silence for the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy, First responders, Ring Swallowing bandit, Saucebomb Part 2, The Maple-cheddar-nutella caper, Obama’s bombing comments vs drone strike statistics, Profits up/Wages down, cutting nonproliferation to pay for more nukes, Samurai Jack and Fringe on Netflix, Applemeter, Crowdfunding, and the end of the dial tone.