P99 - Boys | Beastie Boys

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
Shame On You | Timbuk 3 : Greetings From Timbuk 3
Citizen Shanty | Commoners Choir : Commoners Choir
Boy Soldier | Johnny Clegg : One Life
The Bush Boys | The Mammals : Rock That Babe
City Boy | Phil Ochs : A Toast To Those Who Are Gone
Don’t Make Fun of the Crippled Boy | Roy Zimmerman : Thanks for the Support
Greta Thunberg Climate Strike Speech (finale with group on stage) NYC 2019 | :
Make Some Noise | Beastie Boys : Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. Two
Time to Build | Beastie Boys : To the 5 Boroughs
Something’s Got To Give | Beastie Boys : Check Your Head
We Got The | Beastie Boys : To the 5 Boroughs
White Privilege | Sam Fender : Hypersonic Missiles
A Young Woman’s Tale | Grace Petrie : Queer as Folk

P98 - Chile | M.I.A.

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
Singing the Truth | Joe Solo : The Past Won’t Last Forever
Die Young | grandson : a modern tragedy, vol. 3 - EP
Allende | Paddy-B. : Johnny Jump Up
Victor Jara | Arlo Guthrie : Amigo
Chile, Your Waters Run Red Through Soweto | Billy Bragg : Help Save the Youth of America
They Dance Alone | Holly Near : And Still We Sing: The Outspoken Collection
The World In Other Terms | Arundhati Roy : Come September: In Conversation with Howard Zinn
Borders | M.I.A. : AIM (Deluxe)
The Message | M.I.A. : Maya
P.O.W.A | M.I.A. : P. O. W. A - Single
Talk | M.I.A. : AIM (Deluxe)
Vicarious | TOOL : 10,000 Days
Land of Dreams (with Los Lobos & Bebel Gilberto) | Rosanne Cash : Land of Dreams (with Los Lobos & Bebel Gilberto) - Single

P97 - Rojava | Dana Lyons

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Skin On The Drum | Michael Franti & Spearhead : Stay Human
Democracy (Bonus Track) | The Lumineers : III
Kobane | Nishtiman Project : Kobane
The Sunrise over Rojava | Lee Brickley : Songs for Rojava
Rojava | David Rovics : Ballad of a Wobbly
Song for the Ypj | Lee Brickley : Songs for Rojava
”You cannot even passively participate” | Utah Phillips : Making Speech Free
Song for Rod Coronado | Dana Lyons : Cows With Guns
It’s a Matter of Asking | Dana Lyons : The Great Salish Sea
Just Beyond the Wall | Dana Lyons : Ride the Lawn
The Green and Blue | Dana Lyons : Three Legged Coyote
Queer Life | SISTERS : We Can Get Together - EP
You Are Not Alone | Emeli Sandé : REAL LIFE

P96 - Bodies | Public Enemy

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
Left or right, Black or White
They tell lies in the books
That you’re readin’
It’s knowledge of yourself
That you’re needin’
Like Vescey or Prosser
We have a reason why
To debate the hate
That’s why we’re born to die
Mandela, cell dweller, Thatcher
You can tell her clear the way for the prophets of rage
-Public Enemy - “Prophets Of Rage”

Camp America | 93PUNX & Vic Mensa : 93Punx
The Sky Is Falling | Lee Reed : The Butcher, The Banker, The Bitumen Tanker
Bodyguard Blanket | Hamell On Trial : Tackle Box
Black Bodies | Ryan Harvey : Give It Time: Reflections On Change
I Saw His Body | Dana Lyons : Animal
Body Was Made | Ezra Furman : Perpetual Motion People
Be Patriotic - Fight The Government | Jello Biafra : Machine Gun In Clown’s Head
Terrorwrist | Public Enemy : Nothing Is Quick In The Desert
WTF? | Public Enemy : Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear On No Stamp
Fight the Power | Public Enemy : Fear of a Black Planet
Prophets of Rage | Public Enemy : It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Pop Goes the Weapon | Prophets of Rage : Pop Goes the Weapon - Single
Hell to Pay | Bonnie Raitt : Buy This Fracking Album

P95 - Climate CRISIS | Jamiroquai

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The Climate’s Changing (unreleased from Give It Time) | Ryan Harvey : Unreleased: 2004-2012
Saltwater (Reggae Version) | Julian Lennon : Action Moves People United
Save Our Planet Earth | Jimmy Cliff : Save Our Planet Earth
It Takes Time to Build (With Skit) | Beastie Boys : To the 5 Boroughs (Deluxe Version)
Kyoto Now! | Bad Religion : The Process of Belief
3 Degrees | Simon Jackson : Ecocide
Make It Better | Jann Klose : Action Moves People United
Virtual Insanity | Jamiroquai : Travelling Without Moving
Manifest Destiny | Jamiroquai : The Return of the Space Cowboy (Bonus Track Version)
World That He Wants | Jamiroquai : Dynamite
Emergency On Planet Earth | Jamiroquai : Emergency On Planet Earth
Four Degrees Celsius | Leon Rosselson : Where Are the Barricades?

P94 - Coal Miners | Taina Asili

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
Radio Retaliation (feat. Sleep Wonder) | Thievery Corporation : Radio Retaliation
Ice el Hielo (Full Version) | La Santa Cecilia : Someday New
Coal | Matt Poling : Coal - Single
A Miner’s Life | Billy Bragg : The Internationale / Live & Dubious (Remastered Bonus Tracks) - EP
Coal Not Dole | Chumbawamba : English Rebel Songs 1381-1914
The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore | Billy Bragg & Joe Henry : Shine a Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad
Pennsylvania Miners [Monologue] | Steve Earle : Just An American Boy: The Audio Documentary [Disc 1]
Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde - Freedom (feat. Michael Reyes) | Hugs for Chelsea : Hugs for Chelsea: benefit for Chelsea Manning
Even If | Taina Asili : Resiliencia
Plant the Seed | Taina Asili : Resiliencia
Freedom (feat. Michael Reyes) | Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde : Fruit of Hope
We Survived (feat. Jasmine Burems & King Aswad) | Climbing Poetree : Intrinsic
What Did You Learn On The News? | Ryan Harvey : The Violence of War


P93 - Chelsea Manning | Johnny Clegg & Savuka (and Juluka)

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
He’s a leader, talks of freedom
He knows the power of the Big Idea
He’s a dealer, he’s a seeker
Of the power that comes from fear
-Johnny Clegg

Gilded Walls | Will Hoge : My American Dream
Working Poor | Fantastic Negrito : The Last Days of Oakland
How Many Kinds of Courage (Song for Chelsea Manning) | My Gay Banjo : Country Boys in the City
Hey There NSA ! | Dan Bull : Hey There NSA ! - Single
Song for Chelsea Manning | David Rovics : Big Red Sessions
Chelsea Girl | Drones Club : Hugs for Chelsea: benefit for Chelsea Manning
Bernie Sanders_ Incarcerating a Country (4_13_1994)
Inevitable Consequence of Progress | Johnny Clegg & Savuka : Heat Dust & Dreams
Work for All | Johnny Clegg & Juluka : Work for All
The Revolution Will Eat Its Children (Anthem for Uncle Bob) | Johnny Clegg : One Life
One Man One Vote | Johnny Clegg : Cruel Crazy Beautiful World
If You Stop, They Win | Jennifer Holub : The Reckoning
Up to the People | Petra Glynt : This Trip

P92 - An Unshakable Abhorrence for Injustice | The Last Poets

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
I only talked about freedom
And justice for everyone
But since the very first word I spoke
I’ve been looking down the barrel of a gun
They say I preached revolution
Let me say in my defense
That all I did wherever I Went
Was talk a lot of Common Sense

-Grace Petrie “Tom Paine’s Bones”

The Real History (Pt. II) | Tha Truth : Tha People’s Music
John Brown | David Rovics : Big Red Sessions
I Am A Patriot | Jackson Browne : Monster Protest Jamz Vol.1
Bella Ciao | Chumbawamba : A Singsong and a Scrap
Tie Me At The Crossroads | Bruce Cockburn : Dart To The Heart
Truth, Lies, and Will Van Spronsen | David Rovics : This Week with David Rovics
Before the White Man Came | The Last Poets : Chastisment
E Pluribus Unum | The Last Poets : The Very Best of the Last Poets
Toxic Times | The Last Poets : Transcending Toxic Times
If We Only Knew What We Could Do | The Last Poets : Transcending Toxic Times
Get Up | The Coup & Dead Prez : Party Music
Tom Paine’s Bones | Grace Petrie : Queer as Folk


P91 - Globalization | Amanda Palmer

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
Who cares if you get stepped on, get stepped on
In the name of progress
They business has no conscious
All they want is profits it’s obvious in Africa
It’s obvious in Mexico, It’s obvious in Cuba
It’s obvious in Palestine, American invasion
Foreign occupation, Covert operations
Oppressive domination, Resiiiiiiist...

-Dead Prez, Globalization

Enough Is Enough | Peggy Seeger : From Where I Stand: Topical Songs from America and England
1st Lady | Sarah Harmer : Gascd. [Disc 2]
Wind Below | Rage Against the Machine : Evil Empire
Big Coin | The Beautiful South : Quench
Globalization (Scene of the Crime) | Dead Prez : Globalization (Scene of the Crime) - Single
Colour Line | Asian Dub Foundation : Community Music
The Globalization Of Production | Noam Chomsky : Capital Rules
Drowning In The Sound | Amanda Palmer :
Bigger on the Inside | Amanda Palmer : There Will Be No Intermission
Oasis | Amanda Palmer : Who Killed Amanda Palmer (Deluxe Version)
Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now | Amanda Palmer & Jasmine Power : Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now - Single
How Long | Phil Ochs : The Early Years
Vampires (feat. Femi Kuti) | Thievery Corporation : Radio Retaliation


P90 - Killing Humanity | Vortis

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
Every cancer is a homicide
Every boss better run and hide
Every human is some kin to black
Every Visa got a pin to crack
Every verse is from the cardiac

-Street Sweeper Social Club: Everythang

Accept Me for What I Am | Consolidated : Play More Music
The Big Ones Get Away | Buffy Sainte-Marie : Medicine Songs
Don’t Kill My Baby and My Son | Joel Rafael : The Songs of Woody Guthrie, Vol. 1 & 2
The Ballad of Timmy Johnson’s Living Brother | Keegan McInroe : A Good Old Fashioned Protest
The Song Of Martin Fontasch | Leon Rosselson : The World Turned Upside Down: Rosselsongs 1960-2010
The Death of Rachel Corrie | David Rovics : Falasteen Habibti
Bernie Brief_ Climate Change _ Ep. 3 1 | :
Black Helicopters | Vortis : Take the System Down
Generation Y | Vortis : Take the System Down
Oppression | Vortis : This Machine Kills Fascists
Words Don’t Matter | Vortis : This Machine Kills Fascists
Free the Detainess | Vortis : This Machine Kills Fascists
The Rand Hymn | Malvina Reynolds : Malvina Reynolds
Everythang | Street Sweeper Social Club : The Ghetto Blaster EP


P89 - WMD | Rebel Diaz

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
“The unemployed graduate, the teachers ain’t having it
Cameras everywhere but the kids is gangbangin’
This ain’t a war on drugs, it’s a war on the ‘hood
The Democrats and Republicans both up to no good.
They both got in bed with the multi-nacionales
They sendin’ us to prison instead of sending us to college
The janitor’s mop can’t clean the situation
When the dictator of a nation is called a corporation”
- Rebel Diaz: Revolution Has Come

You Need To Calm Down | Taylor Swift : Lover
Speak Your Mind (feat. Diabolic) | Immortal Technique : Revolutionary, Vol. 1 (Bonus Edition)
Wmd | Jel : Soft Money
Weapons of Mass Destruction1 | Welder’s Dog : Up to No Good
Weapons of Mass Distraction1 | The Immortal Hardface : Niggamuzik
Weapons of Mass Distraction | Exposition : The Metro
Weapons of Mass Destruction | Noam Chomsky : Case Studies In Hypocrisy - U.S. Human Rights Policy (Live)
Campesino (feat. Bocafloja) | Rebel Diaz : América -vs- Amerikkka
Fvck I.C.E. | Rebel Diaz : Diamonds in the Rough, Vol. 2 (Skyyhook of the World Famous Wake Up Show Presents)
I’m an Alien | Rebel Diaz : I’m an Alien - Single
Revolution Has Come | Rebel Diaz : Radical Dilemma
1984 | Anaïs Mitchell : Hymns for the Exiled
Boris Johnson | Commoners Choir : Commoners Choir



P88 - Liberty | Lavender Country

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
It’s like an uphill climb.
But I’m right by your side.
And that’s what we call - Pride”
-Grace Petrie: Pride

Pride | Grace Petrie : Queer as Folk
Liberty and Justice for All | David Rovics : The Other Side
The Roots of the Liberty Tree (Live) | Leon Rosselson & Robb Johnson : No Gods No Masters (Live)
Stands Alone | Tree : Tree
Liberty Is a Statue | Evan Greer : She / Her / They / Them
Statue in the Harbor | David Rovics : All the News That’s Fit to Sing
05 - Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty | Emma Goldman : Anarchism and Other Essays
Straight White Patterns | Lavender Country : Lavender Country
Back in the Closet Again | Lavender Country : Lavender Country
Come Out Singing | Lavender Country : Lavender Country
Lavender Country | Lavender Country : Lavender Country
Strong | Joel Rafael : Rose Avenue
Let It Be Me | Indigo Girls : Rites of Passage (Bonus Track Version)


P87 - Journalism | Raging Grannies

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
We’re the raging Grannies and we’re here to take a stand
To keep choice free for women and to keep our families planned
We won’t go back to hangers if our rights to choose is banned
We rage for women’s lives
-Raging Grannies - We Rage For Women’s Lives

Bulls On Parade | Rage Against the Machine : Evil Empire
Revolution (Solo Live) | John Butler Trio : Buy This Fracking Album
War Correspondent | Jill Sobule : Tell Us The Truth
Serpentine | Ani DiFranco : Evolve
The Left is Right | Desaparecidos : Payola
Note To Self | Propagandhi : Failed States
We Rage for Women’s Lives! | Raging Grannies of North Carolina :
No War on Iran Song | Raging Grannies Action League :
Campaign Finance Reform Anthem | Raging Grannies - South Florida :
Medicare For All | Raging Grannies Of South Florida :
We’ve Always Paid Our Taxes | Raging Grannies Of South Florida :
What Kind of World | Johnny Richter : Kottonmouth Kings Present Johnny Richter: Laughing
Mr. President | Janelle Monáe : Metropolis: The Chase Suite


P86 - Anarchy | Peggy Seeger

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
Great Leap Forward (Live) | Billy Bragg : iTunes Live: London Sessions - EP
Just Is | Junkyard Empire : Oppression, Anger, Awareness, Organize, Mobilize, Reclaim, Freedom
Anarchy | Ani Difranco & Utah Phillips : The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere
Baby, I’m an Anarchist! | Against Me! : Reinventing Axl Rose
Finding Anarchism | Howard Zinn : Heroes and Martyers: Emma Goldman, Sacco & Vanzetti, and the Evolutionary Struggle
Give The Anarchist A Cigarette | Chumbawamba : Showbusiness!
I’m a Better Anarchist Than You (Live) | David Rovics : Letter to My Landlord
Anarcha | War on Women : Capture the Flag
01 - Anarchism | Emma Goldman : Anarchism and Other Essays
It’s a Free World | Peggy Seeger : An Odd Collection
If You Want a Better Life | Peggy Seeger : An Odd Collection
I’m Gonna Be an Engineer | Peggy Seeger : Folkways Years, 1955-1992: Songs of Love and Politics
Taft-Hartley | Peggy Seeger : From Where I Stand: Topical Songs from America and England
Immigrante (Welcome, Welcome Emigrante) | The Broadside Singers & Buffy Sainte-Marie : Broadside Ballads, Vol. 3: The Broadside Singers
What About Climate Change | Eve Sliber : Buy This Fracking Album


P85 - Pete Seeger at 100 | At 89

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
One of these days
One of these days
One of these days
One of these days...OR ELSE!

-Pete Seeger, ‘One of these Days’

Nameless Banjo Riff | Pete Seeger : At 89
False from True | Pete Seeger : At 89
Now We Sit Us Down | Pete Seeger : At 89
Pete’s Greeting (Spoken) | Pete Seeger : At 89
Visions of Children | Pete Seeger : At 89
Wonderful Friends | Pete Seeger : At 89
The Water Is Wide | Pete Seeger : At 89
Pete Talks About Clearwater (Spoken) | Pete Seeger : At 89
It’s a Long Haul | Pete Seeger : At 89
Throw Away That Shad Net (How Are We Gonna Save Tomorrow?) | Pete Seeger : At 89
Song of the World’s Last Whale | Pete Seeger : At 89
The First Settlers | Pete Seeger : At 89
The D Minor Flourish / Cindy | Pete Seeger : At 89
Pete’s Intro to “If It Can’t Be Reduced” (Spoken) | Pete Seeger : At 89
If It Can’t Be Reduced | Pete Seeger : At 89
Spring Fever | Pete Seeger : At 89
Pete Speaks About World War II (Spoken) | Pete Seeger : At 89
When I Was Most Beautiful | Pete Seeger : At 89
Bach At Treblinka | Pete Seeger : At 89
We Will Love or We Will Perish | Pete Seeger : At 89
The Story of “Tzena, Tzena, Tzena” (Spoken) | Pete Seeger : At 89
Tzena, Tzena, Tzena | Pete Seeger : At 89
One Percent Phosphorous Banjo Riff | Pete Seeger : At 89
Pete Speaks About Involvement (Spoken) | Pete Seeger : At 89
Or Else! (One-a These Days) | Pete Seeger : At 89
Waist Deep In the Big Muddy | Pete Seeger : At 89
Little Fat Baby | Pete Seeger : At 89
Arrange and Re-arrange | Pete Seeger : At 89
Alleluya | Pete Seeger : At 89
Pete’s Extroduction (Spoken) | Pete Seeger : At 89
If This World Survives | Pete Seeger : At 89
How Soon? | Pete Seeger : At 89


P84 - Columbine | ANOHNI

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
This is for my folkers who got bills overdue.
This is for my folkers um, check, one two.
This is for my folkers never live off the hog.
Me and you, toe to toe, I got love for the underdog.

-Boots Riley, Underdog

Standing in Line (feat. Andy Cutting, Mark Emerson & Tim Harries) | June Tabor : Folk Against Fascism, Vol. 1
Tool And Die Version 1 | Consolidated : Tool And Die
To the Teeth | Ani DiFranco : To the Teeth
Columbine | Greg Parent : The Teflon Lover
It’s Not Supposed to Happen But It Did | Jim Page : Gettin’ Squeezed, Live and Then Some
On Columbine | Guns : GUNS: The Album
Underdog | Boots Riley : Tell Us The Truth
Why Did You Separate Me from the Earth? | ANOHNI : HOPELESSNESS
Robin Hood in Reverse | Bad Religion : True North
More Not More | Bruce Cockburn : Humans


P83 - Trans Identity | Evan Greer

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
“Glitter in my hair, Pitchfork in the air, Coming for those mainstream fuckers I swear.”
-Evan Greer, Assimilation

It’s Like That | Son of Nun : A New World in Our Songs
Tell Me a Story | Skylar Kergil : Tell Me a Story - EP
Who I Am | Ty Nic : From the Ground Up (Studio One Recording Studio Presents)
I Am Her | Shea Diamond : Seen It All - EP
True Trans Soul Rebel | Against Me! : Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Candidacy | Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco : The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere
Liberty Is a Statue | Evan Greer : She / Her / They / Them
Queen & Empire | Evan Greer : She / Her / They / Them
Confluence | Evan Greer : She / Her / They / Them
Assimilation | Evan Greer : She / Her / They / Them
Saint Isabelle | Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman : The Fabled City
Body Was Made | Ezra Furman : Perpetual Motion People


P82 - Christchurch

Polyrical Logo Square copy.png
There you go, swimming deeper into mystery
Here I remain, only seeing where you used to be
Stared at the ceiling, til my ears filled up with tears
Never got to know you, and suddenly you’re out of here
-Bruce Cockburn, Closer to the light

Watch Over Them | Ms. Dynamite : Peace Not War [Disc 2]
Imagine | Keb’ Mo’ : Peace....Back By Popular Demand
I Know Exactly What Love Is | Don White : Rascal
I Got Love for You | Michael Franti & Spearhead : All Rebel Rockers
Every Living Thing | Rod MacDonald : After the War
How To Live In Peace | Utah Phillips : I’ve Got To Know
Like Love | Leon Rosselson : The World Turned Upside Down: Rosselsongs 1960-2010
Let Love Speak Up Itself | The Beautiful South : Choke
Love Is the Common Ground | Rod MacDonald : A Tale of Two Americas
One Love / People Get Ready | Bob Marley & The Wailers : Exodus (Remastered Bonus Track Version)
Lifted | Eurythmics : Peace
Is Love Enough | Michael Franti & Spearhead : Yell Fire!
Closer To The Light | Bruce Cockburn : Dart To The Heart