P34 - Iraq War | Buffy Sainte-Marie

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BSM:: The thing that strikes me most is that many o f the songs still make sense decades later,, which comes from “mmeaning it”” in the first place and working on it until it makes sense to other people too.. That makes me happy.. The hidden blessing of bringing my music into the world during the folk music era was that people were being exposed to music from other cultures that had already lasted generations,, and that was a great example to be crystal clear about universal values..

In listening in 2016,, another thing that strikes me is the courage in the songs,, w hich was partly a reflection of the mid -11960s when students were fed up with their parents’’ status quo regarding war,, profiteering,, colonial thinking,, corruption in government.. Sometimes it’s socially dangerous to stick up against what everybody knows is wrong,, when a powerful few are profiteering nearby.. Old story and,, I think,, and very good to address in a three—minute song.. It’s only music..