P39 - Robin Hood in Reverse (Dooh Nibor?)

Decision Makers | They Might Be Giants : Nanobots
How to Be a Millionaire | ABC : 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of ABC
Everything Counts [Live In Liverpool] | Depeche Mode : Blasphemous Rumours
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Trickle Down | Ani Difranco : Up Up Up Up Up Up
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Robin Hood in Reverse | Commoners Choir : Commoners Choir
The Have-Nots & The Haves | Commoners Choir : Commoners Choir
Welcome to the Working Class | David Rovics : All the News That’s Fit to Sing
Minimum Wage Strike | David Rovics : Behind The Barricades - The Best Of David Rovics
Work Hard | Depeche Mode : Dmbx 8 - Everything Counts
Workers’ Song | Dick Gaughan : Handful Of Earth
Working Class Hero | Green Day : Working Class Hero - Single
Richard’s Got a Job | Hamell On Trial : The Happiest Man In the World
The World Turned Upside Down | Dick Gaughan : Handful Of Earth
5 Million Ways To Kill A C.E.O. | Boots Riley : Tell Us The Truth
There Will Be a Reckoning | Billy Bragg : Live at the Union Chapel London
There’s Enough for All of Us | Hardage & Michael Franti : There’s Enough for All of Us - EP
Eat the Rich | David Rovics : All the News That’s Fit to Sing
Tax the Rich | David Rovics : Big Red Sessions
Who Reaps The Profits? Who Pays The Price? | Leon Rosselson : The World Turned Upside Down: Rosselsongs 1960-2010
Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted | Billy Bragg : Bridges Not Walls - EP