P62 - Propaganda | Propagandhi

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‘Stand up, talk back, don’t take their crap, three cheers for Anita Hill.’ -Charlie King, “The Ballad of Anita Hill”

Ballad of Anita Hill | Charlie King : So Far So Good
Rebel Code | Chumbawamba : Un
Propaganda | Dead Prez : Let’s Get Free
M.T.H. | Blak English : Behold the Sh#t Show - Single
Disinformation | Buffy Sainte-Marie : Medicine Songs
Evolved | Corporate Avenger : Taxes are Stealing - EP
All My Relations | Ulali : Honor - A Benefit For The Honor The Earth Campaign
Purina Hall Of Fame | Propagandhi : Liberation: Songs To Benefit PETA
Today’s Empires, Tomorow’s Ashes | Propagandhi : Today’s Empires, Tomorow’s Ashes
Victory Lap | Propagandhi : Victory Lap (Deluxe Edition)
Lower Order (A Good Laugh) | Propagandhi : Victory Lap (Deluxe Edition)
End Of The Day | Lucy Kaplansky : Ten Year Night
Fuddy Duddy Judge | Deee-Lite : Infinity Within