P65 - HIV/AIDS | Boogie Down Productions

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‘It’s legal to sing on the telly, but they make bloody sure that you don’t, if you sing about racists and fascists and creeps and thieves in high places that live off the weak and those who are selling us right up the creek, the twisters the takers the con men the fakers the whole bloody gang of exploiters.‘
-Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Legal-Illegal

Rabbit’s Revenge (feat. Bassnectar, Big Boi, and Killer Mike) | Tom Morello : The Atlas Underground
Legal-Illegal | Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger : The Best of Broadside (1962-1988)
America | Wu-Tang Clan : America Is Dying Slowly
Halloween Parade | Lou Reed : New York
Positive | Michael Franti & Spearhead : Home
Cure For Aids | Dan Bern : Fifty Eggs
Why Are You so Angry? | Joe Solo : The Future Needs Us Now
Love’s Gonna Get’ Cha (Material Love) | Boogie Down Productions : Edutainment
The Homeless | Boogie Down Productions : Edutainment
Edutainment | Boogie Down Productions : Edutainment
The Racist | Boogie Down Productions : Edutainment
Anthrax | Kimya Dawson : My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess
Rubber Lover | Deee-Lite : Infinity Within