P68 - Revolution Radio

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‘Last night I had a dream, that the world had turned around, all our hopes had come to be, and the people gathered round.
They all brought what they could bring, and nobody went without, they all had a song to sing, the Revolution Starts Now.’ -Steve Earle

Revolution | Dick Gaughan : A Different Kind Of Love S
The American Revolution | Howard Zinn : A People’s History of the United States
Culture Revolution | Anti-Flag : The Underground Network
Private Revolution | World Party : Private Revolution
Re:Volution (Featuring George W. Bush) | Coldcut : Adbusters: Live Without Dead Time
Revolution (Bonus Track) | Billy Bragg : Don’t Try This At Home
Revolution 9.01 | Danbert Nobacon & The Axis of Dissent : Revolution 9.01 - Single
The Revolution Starts... | Steve Earle : The Revolution Starts Now
Revolution In The Revolution | Howard Zinn : Stories Hollywood Never Tells
Revolution! (Feel the Bern) | :
Ringing Of Revolution | Phil Ochs : There But For Fortune
Small Revolutions (Live) | Leon Rosselson & Robb Johnson : No Gods No Masters (Live)
Where’s the Revolution | Depeche Mode : Spirit (Deluxe)