P57 - Nicaragua | Anti-Flag

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Farewell To Clayoquot Sound | The Wyrd Sisters : If A Tree Falls
Pre-War America | The Beatnigs : The Beatnigs
Nicaragua | Bruce Cockburn : Stealing Fire
Nicaragua, Nicaragüita | Billy Bragg : The Internationale EP
Washington Bullets | The Clash : Sandinista!
An Interlude: Beginning to Take | Chumbawamba : Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records
Freedom Fighters And Terrorism | Noam Chomsky : The New War On Terrorism: Fact And Fiction
Their System Doesn’t Work for You | Anti-Flag : Their System Doesn’t Work for You
Angry, Young, And Poor | Anti-Flag : The Underground Network
When the Wall Falls | Anti-Flag : American Fall
Bring Out Your Dead | Anti-Flag : Liberation: Songs To Benefit PETA
Outside of a Small Circle of Friends | Phil Ochs : Pleasures of the Harbor
Harriet Tubman | Holly Near : And Still We Sing: The Outspoken Collection