P59 - Prison Strike | Rage Against the Machine

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‘and the images that fucked ya were a patriarchal structure, and you never will surrender to a narrow view of gender. ...You will find out what is yours.’ -Grace Petrie

Black Tie | Grace Petrie : Queer as Folk
Mr Block (1968) | Mats Paulson : Don’t Mourn-Organize! Songs Of Labor Songwriter Joe Hill
Prison Labor | Noam Chomsky : Free Market Fantasies: Capitalism In the Real World (Live)
Work Song | Nina Simone : Nina Simone’s Finest Hour
Chain Gang | Sam Cooke : The Man Who Invented Soul
Strikes, Unions And Civil Disobedience | Howard Zinn : A People’s History of the United States [Disc 2]
Why Come? | Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco : Fellow Workers
Solidarity Forever | Joe Glazer : Classic Labor Songs from Smithsonian Folkways
”A strike is a massive act of free speech” | Utah Phillips : Making Speech Free
Bombtrack | Rage Against The Machine : Rage Against The Machine
Down On The Street | Rage Against The Machine : Renegades
Know Your Enemy | Rage Against The Machine : Rage Against The Machine
Sleep Now In the Fire | Rage Against the Machine : The Battle of Los Angeles
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous [Acoustic] | Good Charlotte : Liberation: Songs To Benefit PETA
Lonesome Organist Rapes Page-Turner | The Dresden Dolls : No, Virginia