P78 - Asylum | Janelle Monáe

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‘Great art comes when we’re all able to come together with our differences, wherever we’re from, and I think that’s where the magic happens. That’s where the empathy happens. That’s where you start understanding one another and through understanding you start liking each other, and through liking you start uniting with one another.’
-Janelle Monáe

One Million Lawyers | Tom Paxton : Politics Live
What If | India.Arie : Worthy
Fugitive | Lucky Dube : Soul Taker
War Poem | UB40 : Who You Fighting For?
At Sea | Welder’s Dog : Up to No Good
Welcome | Jon Fromer : Hail to the Thieves, Volume III: Songs to Take Our Country Back! (Digital Version)
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Ghetto Woman | Janelle Monáe : The Electric Lady
Americans | Janelle Monáe : Dirty Computer
Dance or Die (feat. Saul Williams) | Janelle Monáe : The ArchAndroid
Many Moons | Janelle Monáe : Metropolis Suite I - The Chase - EP
Mommy and Daddy | The Monkees : The Monkees Present
Let’s All Blame the Victim! | Tha Truth : Music for a Better World