ShoYoAss - The Coup

You're voting, which you're hoping Will stop the guns from smoking

Is someone fucking joking? They're bankers in sheep's clothing

I know places where the kids keep croaking Lacking the essential vitamins and protein


I got some light baby, take it to the head Who gives a fuck if it's permed or dreads

Never snitch to the locals or the feds See they tryna break us so they don't have to break bread

Cause Uncle Sam ain't the baker, he's the butcher We all on "Punk'd" with no Ashton Kutcher

We're ballin' (no broke) cutthroats kaput ya Ain't never took dope but them dopes done took ya

Stop flying Ol' Glory man, cut it down

If your job ain't paying right, shut it down

If your car got 18's, let it pound

And if we ever gon' do it let's do it now