Bernie-2020 | 052 - Occupy Inauguration

‘Zap the Crap Out of Health Care Rap’ by Simone LaDrumma and Patty Zeitlin, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Trump Tweets, Congress Rules, Universal Basic Income, Occupy Inauguration, Women’s March on Washington, Black Lives Matter, Pilgrim Pipeline, Noam Chomsky, Lessons on Challenging Authoritarian Governments, ‘People Have the Power’ by Patti Smith

Bernie-2016 | 050 - Bernie-2020

This is the last official episode of Bernie-2016. Listen to the new podcast Bernie-2020 starting new episode.

‘Post NAFTA Drifter’s Blues, Hobo Song’ by David Christian, Bernie-2020, Outsourcing, Carrier, Corporate Welfare, Recounts are Scientific, Cornel West, Party Reform, #BoycottAceHardware, Black Voters, Voting Rights, Big Pharma Giveaway, Organize, TPP, ‘See It Through’ by Ryan Harvey.

Bernie-2016 | 035 - #NotPaidFor

‘I Want to Vote for Bernie Sanders’ by Fritzie Fritz, Saudi Arabia, Close in CA, Leading in RI, Closing in in CT, Fundraising Success, Social Media Support, HC PAC Buys Social Media Support, Digital Campaign, Revolution Messaging, PA Detention, UEWU Union Endorsement, Philadelphia Tribune Endorsement, Free College for All, Indiana Poll ’Bern The Vote’, by Dan Zimberg